Philadelphia Student Union Workshops

This project is to support one of the leadership development workshops run by Philadelphia Student Union. In this workshop 35 youths will be given opportunity to acquire social and leadership skills to stay out of trouble and lead other fellow students of school district.

This is our first step to achieve following

  • Global Vision: Children everywhere in the world are same; they all deserve the right to study and to SMILEWe live here and raise funds here so it’s our duty to help here as well. If we get a volunteer from other country who brings a suitable project to us, we will provide help in that country as well.

Currently most of the volunteers are from India, that’s why our most of the projects are in India only.

  • Youth Volunteers: We want to encourage involvement of youth volunteers, at least one local project per year will give them that connection
  • Local Grants: We would like to apply for US grants meant for charities operating in US. The very first condition they have is that Org should be helping in US as well. With this I would like to call for a volunteer who has already not taken an active role with SSF, who will be dedicated to search such grant opportunities and apply for them.