Pay It Forward – Youth Walkers – SSF Walk 2014

FAQ for Youth Volunteerism for Small Steps Foundation Walk

What is SSF Walk Event?

Every year, Small Steps Foundation organizes Walk to raise fund for its causes. The current event is on June 1st 2014. The event details are at SSF Website –

How can youth participate?

Youth participation is very easy. You just create a fundraising page (see other FAQ) and start raising the funds.

Will I get volunteer hours and certificate?

Yes – we plan to use the following framework to calculate the volunteer hours. We also will provide a Certificate of Appreciation.

Task Number of Volunteer hours
Setup Fundraising page 30 mins
Sending Email to ask for support 10 mins/email
Any response or follow-up 5 mins/response
Any discussion with people 5 mins/ interaction
Day of the walk 4 hours


How can I create my fund raising page?

We are using a service from Just visit this Url and Start Fundraising for the Walk. The steps by steps instruction are available in the separate document. We can also do a webex to help you create the page.

Whom can I ask for support my fundraising effort?

Anyone! You can send your personal email to your friends and their parents to ask for fund. You can also provide them a printed flyer to be read later. We can provide you with a sample flyer.

I have more questions!

Feel free to reach out to anyone in small steps. Feel free to drop a email at