Summary of Projects

You would be happy to know that your hard work is working wonders for many children.

Few of the recent SSF funded projects.

School Project Summary Benefitted Children Amount
Sarvoday Saraswati Mandir, Babapur Gujrat Pilot ClassCloud Project by SSF to fund special tablet enabled learning system for two schools in Babapur and Jaliya Grades 5-8, > 280 students $10,909
Bansathali BalikaInter Collage ABBICD Moradabad To construct a science lab and support teachers salary for ongoing science education. Overseen by HIMWATS All girls school 744children $14,238 spread over 2years
Govt Kulethi middle school Salaries of 3 teachers, science lab and misc. school expenses. Overseen by HIMWATS 147 students $10,238 over period of 2years
Borderless World Foundation Fund private tuitions forchildren at 4 homes in Jammu and Kashmir 131 children (mostly girls) $15,840 over a period of 2 years

Year 2014 Project Funding

Project Name Funding Date Amount
VH Adarsh Vidya Mandir Jan-14 $3000
Abhaya Feb-14 $2450
Prerna Resource Center Feb-14 $5612
KDS Feb-14 $7475
Sarvoday Saraswati Mandir May-14 $5357
Sarvoday Saraswati Mandir Jul-14 $10909
Borderless World Foundation Jul-14 $7920
Konkan Development Society Jul-14 $4975
VH Adarsh Vidya Mandir Aug-14 $5252
Prerna Resource Center Oct-14 $5612
Babapur computer project Oct-14 $1259

Year 2013 Project Funding

Project Name Funding Date Amount
2011-SURANA-01 Feb-13 $3000
2012-HIMWATS-KULETHI-01 Apr-13 $2509
2012-HIMWATS-MURADABAD-01 Apr-13 $3705
2013-PSU-01 May-13 $2000
2013-HIMWATS-MURADABAD-02 May-13 $3809
2013-HIMWATS-KULETHI-02 Jul-13 $4017
2013-ABHAYA-02 Jul-13 $2450
2013-BABAPUR-01 Sep-13 $5357
2013-HIMWATS-MURADABAD-02 Dec-13 $5000

Year 2012 Project Funding

Project Name Funding Date Amount
2012-PRERNA-01 Mar-12 $3500
Sshrishti(Geja computer center) Apr-12 $2500
2012-HIMWATS-KULETHI-01 Apr-12 $3264
2012-HIMWATS-MURADABAD-01 Apr-12 $6294
2012-HIMWATS-MURADABAD-01 May-12 $5372
2012-ABHAYA-01 Jun-12 $2333
2012-EDUCATUM-01 Jun-12 $4500
Hayden Hall Jul-12 $2246
Learning Bee Sep-12 $500
2012-ABHAYA-01 Nov-12 $2333
2012-PRERNA-01 Dec-12 $3988
2012-PARANGA-01 Dec-12 $7109
2012-SSF-HIMWATS-KULETHI-01 Dec-12 $3264

Year 2011 Project Funding

Project Name Funding Date Amount
Geja Jan-11 $2100
Sshrishti Jan-11 $3250
Hayden Hall Mar-11 $5000
Surana Apr-11 $3500
Educatum Apr-11 $4500
Vidya Vikas Kendra May-11 $3000
Fremont Education Foundation Sep-11 $200
Hayden Hall Nov-11 $3900
Surana Dec-11 $3000