Meet our board members:

  • Deepali Syed, President works as a Vice President at VertiSystems Inc. She has an MBA in Global Management.
  • Tanuja Singh, Chair is a Director, IT at All State. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering and an MBA.
  • Shaloo Jeswani, Director works as a Manager, IT at University of California and has a Bachelor’s in Architecure.
  • Anu Bansal, Secretary  works as an IT Manager at Cisco Systems. She has a Master’s in Computer Science.
  • Hema Talreja, Treasurer works at Alameda County Tax Collector’s Office. She has a Master’s in Accounting.
  • Niharika Srivastav, Director works as a Manager with Blue Shield of California. She has a Master’s in International Business and a Bachelor’s in Engineering.
  • Akhil Aggrawal, Director works as a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco. He has a Bachelor’s in Engineering.