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LOOSE CHANGE – Just about everyone has it hidden in their couches, in clothing pockets, in the bottom of their handbags even in washing machines?  Imagine if you could make a significant dif­ference in a child’s life by collecting just that.

Yes, that is the idea behind the “Change for Change” project.

The “Change for Change” project will introduce piggy banks to various families, shop-owners, busi­nesses and to any individuals who want to contribute by a simple task of saving just everyday change.

Small bits of contribution can add to a significant amount which can then enliven the life of children who are under dark shadows of poverty all over the world. One Quarter collected everyday adds to about $100 by the end of the year, which will be useful to educate at least 2 kids for one whole year.

The Piggy Bank

The bank boxes titled “Make a Child Smile” can be collected from an SSF volunteer any time or can be picked up at one of the SSF public events.

The box can then be adopted by a donor with a small token pledge of only $5.00. When you adopt a bank, a point of SSF contact will be as­signed to you for any questions or queries on the project.

By placing the box in a location such as a kitchen countertop, the office reception desk, in your cubicle or any prominent, visible and accessible location, loose change can go in there everyday. With there being no minimum or maximum amount, it is a simple plan to accomplish.

Once filled the box can be exchanged with an empty one from your point of contact SSF Volunteer.

Your rewards

1. A pat on the back every time you perform your ‘Bit for Today’ to spread light in children’s lives far and wide across the world.

2. Yes, your donation is tax deductible and so you can get a receipt from SSF.

3. The SSF newsletter will mention the names of donors in its quarterly issue, and for collections over $50.00, can even publish a photo.

4. For collections over $100.00, you will receive a special reward from SSF.

Tips for making your collection grow

1. At the end of the day make it a conscious effort to deposit your pocket change in the money box.

2. Make it a family affair – Be a role model and also involve your children to contribute to it.  It is never too early to teach your children to give.  By doing a little bit everyday, almost like a ritual or a habit, we can instill at an early age that they are not only living for themselves but sharing their goodies with someone who may not be as fortunate as they are.

3. Be generous, be creative and come up with other ways to deposit money in the money box, such as on a special occasion or a lucky day of the week.  With each contribution you will never feel the sacrifice but a sense of accomplishment.


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Questions or comments? E-mail us at or call at 510-378-0897